Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

Find out if pay-per-mile coverage fits your insurance needs.

Common sense tells us that the fewer miles people drive, the smaller their chances of being involved in an accident.

Insurance companies understand that the lower likelihood of an accident occurring results in a reduction of claims. That's why many auto insurers are now offering a pay-per-mile car insurance option as an incentive to low-mileage drivers.  

Lewis Insurance and Financial is pleased to offer this low-mileage driving insurance in many parts of our service area - from Lancaster and Willow Street to Shillington and Millersville. You'll also receive personalized service to help you implement it effectively. 

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Who Can Benefit From Per-Mile Car Insurance?

Virtually any low-mileage driver (typically anyone who drives 10,000 miles per year or less) can reduce their auto insurance premiums when switching to pay-per-mile. Examples of prime candidates include:

  • Individuals who work from home and don't rack up a lot of miles commuting
  • College students who live on campus and rarely need to drive
  • Retirees who no longer spend much time on the road
  • People with access to mass transit who drive their autos infrequently

Work With Your Agent to Save

The professional agents at Lewis Insurance and Financial can help you decide if car insurance for low-mileage drivers is a good fit for your lifestyle. We'll help you compare traditional with pay-per-mile plans to determine which will deliver the best long-term savings. 

Our goal is to provide customized protection that meets the unique needs of every policyholder. We'll also deliver personalized service you won't find on the web or when calling an 800 number. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance

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