Farm Insurance

If you manage a farm, protecting your assets and property can give you peace of mind and help you maintain operations, even if you encounter unforeseen circumstances.

The Lewis Insurance and Financial team is ready to help you find the best coverage and rates for your unique requirements. Work with one of our expert farm insurance agents to identify your key insurance needs and explore options from multiple providers nationwide. 

Family feeding sheep on the farm

What Is Farm and Ranch Insurance?

Farm and ranch insurance protects you both personally and commercially. When you have a farm and ranch, your property may be both your home and your means of income, so having trusted protection is critical. This type of insurance covers your property, personal liability and possessions like homeowner's insurance. To protect the commercial side of your property, it also covers your livestock and equipment.

The farm insurance we offer at Lewis Insurance and Financial is highly customizable, so you can get the options you need for your home and business. As each farm and ranch is unique, your farm insurance agent may come to assess the property and determine the best coverage for your needs.

You can choose between several plans or opt for broader coverage that expands on homeowner's insurance policies. For example, you may want to have insurance for events such as power surges, damage from heavy ice and snow or falling objects. You can also get separate crop coverage if your operations rely heavily on croplands and uncontrollable factors like weather.

How Farm Insurance Coverage Benefits You

If you're considering your options for farm insurance coverage, you may wonder whether the investment is worthwhile for your property. At Lewis Insurance and Financial, we'll walk you through different options and scenarios to help you find a coverage solution that meets your needs. 

While each farm owner's situation will differ, you'll receive significant advantages from farm insurance:

  • Liability protection: On a farm, liability protection is particularly important, as it covers property damage, bodily injury and medical expenses. If someone else is injured on your property, you have coverage to handle any liability issues that may arise.
  • Livestock security: Your livestock is vital to your farm. Insurance can help you protect them or rebuild your herd in case of a natural disaster or other adverse occurrences.
  • Peace of mind: When you invest in farm and ranch insurance, you can have peace of mind that both your home and your business are covered. If you face significant damage or injury, you'll have the resources you need to move forward.

Choose Us as Your Trusted Farm Insurance Company

If you're looking for dependable solutions to safeguard your farm and ranch, we can help. As an independent insurance company, Lewis Insurance and Financial works with multiple providers and can select from diverse options to find the optimal choice for your unique property and situation. Your personable and knowledgeable agent will help you build a coverage plan tailored to your specific needs so that you get maximum protection for your property. 

If you're interested in getting more information on our insurance services, contact us today.