Cyber Liability and Identity Theft Insurance

In a world reliant on technology, cybercrime and identity theft are two rising threats that individuals and businesses should safeguard against to protect critical assets.

You should be aware of the potential for cyberattacks, identity theft and data breaches that could cost you thousands to rectify on your own. If you work with personal and business data in any capacity, having trusted liability protection is critical to protecting your day-to-day operations and helping you recover if you face a cyberattack. 

At Lewis Insurance and Financial, we're committed to providing reliable coverage that best fits your unique situation. As an independent insurance company, we can compare multiple liability and identity theft protection options to find the optimal choice for your requirements.


What Are Cyber Liability Insurance and Identity Theft Insurance?

When you store, manage or transfer personal data for yourself, your employees or your customers, you need dependable protection against security threats. Cyber liability protection covers your small business if you experience a data breach or attack that could compromise your customers' or employees' data and leave you liable. With insurance coverage, your company has the resources to quickly and effectively respond to attacks and protect your critical data.

Cyber attacks can occur when hackers look for vulnerabilities in your systems and take advantage through phishing emails, viruses, ransomware and other threats. They can exploit businesses and individuals, resulting in thousands of dollars in fees and procedures to recover your personal information and identification. Personal data is highly valuable, and having dependable protection is critical. Whatever data you manage, choosing the right insurance coverage empowers you to respond promptly if faced with these situations.

How a Personal Cyber Insurance Policy Protects You

When you choose identity theft and cyber insurance for your company, you safeguard your operations, security and privacy from cybercrime risks. This type of insurance policy covers you and your business against:

  • Liability for processing errors that lead to data breaches
  • Business operation interruption from cyberattack or identity theft
  • Breach of network security or privacy

The insurance plans we offer can offset legal fees required to resolve a data breach, provide reimbursement for cyber extortion, and help you restore customer and employee data. Your coverage can assist you with all of these time-consuming and costly processes to conserve your resources and offer support as you reach a resolution. Lewis Insurance and Financial recognizes that your business has unique security needs. We offer a custom approach tailored to your requirements to help you protect your company.

Partner With Lewis Insurance and Financial for Cyber Insurance Protection

Whether you want to protect your personal data or have liability coverage for your customer or employee data, the expert agents at Lewis Insurance and Financial are ready to help. We're a personable and knowledgeable team dedicated to providing support and optimized solutions with a personal touch. When you choose us as your independent insurance agent, you have access to a broader range of providers to find the best option for your unique needs.

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