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As an independent insurance agency, Lewis Insurance and Financial can provide custom insurance policies that fit your unique requirements. We partner with a diverse selection of local and nationwide insurance providers to find the best coverage at the best rates for you.

Our Insurance and Financial Service Offerings

Because we represent multiple carriers, we can serve as your personal insurance company for several different coverage needs.



Your personal insurance agent can help you get specialized coverage for a classic car, several vehicles or a new driver in the family. We offer several coverage options, from traditional plans to pay-per-mile auto insurance. 

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Whether you want protection for your property, valuable items or just additional coverage, we'll help you get personalized homeowners insurance solutions. Feel more secure when you cover everything you need with our services.

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Trust us to help you protect your family's future with a customized life insurance plan that fits your unique situation. Trusted coverage gives you the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are provided for, even if you can't be there.

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As a business insurance partner, we offer coverage plans for your building, property, tools, equipment, vehicles and other critical assets. Our insurance options give you the resources to handle theft, damage or other losses. We also offer liability coverage as a safeguard for your wealth if your company ever faces a lawsuit.

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If you have a high net worth, a financial plan can help you grow and safeguard your wealth to meet your retirement goals and provide for your future. We can work with you as your wealth management agent to establish and maintain a strategic plan for your assets.

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Gain the resources you need to navigate a cyberattack or identity data breach with trusted coverage from Lewis Insurance and Financial. We can safeguard your business from the financial impacts of phishing, data breaches, cyberattacks and other threats with liability insurance. If you want to protect your personal information, our identity theft protection insurance can safeguard and help you recover your data as soon as possible if it's ever stolen.

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Partner With Lewis Insurance and Financial for Trusted Coverage

When you need a reliable insurance partner for your business or personal protection, we have you covered with diverse insurance options and an expert team. If you're ready to take the next step, request a quote today.